Angry Mob Accosts Ted Cruz

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An angry mob of protesters opposing the nomination of Supreme Court Justices chased after and harassed Senator Ted Cruz and his wife, Heidi, because of Cruz's support for Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh.

Folks this is just the latest example of leftist mobs trying to silence and intimidate conservatives - and we must stand our ground and not back down for our conservative principles.  God Bless Senator Cruz - we stand with him, and against the left-wing mobs.

The Left's "Resistance" movement is trying to defeat Senator Cruz, and we must fight back and Defeat Beto O'RourkeYou can support our independent expenditure campaign to Defeat Beto O'Rourke by making a contribution online - HERE.

Since we can't trust the media to tell the truth to Texas voters about Democrat Beto O'Rourke's radical liberal positions, we must communicate that message ourselves through our campaign.

And we're also going to continue to celebrate Ted Cruz's record of fighting for less government regulation, lower taxes, and more personal freedoms and liberties for American families.

Below Cruz supporters gather at a rally in Amarillo, and at the first Cruz-O'Rourke debate in Dallas:.

Above:  Be on the lookout for our banners supporting Ted Cruz in Texas as our teams of conservative activists work on the ground to help win this race and defeat liberal Beto O'Rourke.

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