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October 2017

Nothing gets us quite prepared for the physical test that a house building project puts one through..

From the stifling heat, to the stretching and holding positions so as to nail hundreds of nails into bamboo strips and wood panels, it is demanding on a body that is unfamiliar with the heat exposure and physical exertion.

Surprisingly though, most volunteers voluntarily halve their one-hour lunch break and enthusiastically continue with the work. They only have one thing in mind; their mission which is also their end goal - to complete the house for the beneficiary before their team departs. To illustrate the dedication of our volunteers, a volunteer hammered his thumb one too many times that it bled and slightly stained the glove that he was wearing. Yet, he gritted his teeth, committed to keep going, and unfortunately suffered more painful knocks before his final nail. But fret not! Hardly any of our volunteers undergo a hazard such as this one.

What's equally unfamiliar is the experience of living, working and socialising with fourteen other team members whom you only got to meet a couple of days before. It's a situation which delights extroverts but others a little while to warm up to.

Despite these discomforts, in the foreground of the feedback we receive from Open Teams is seldom about the struggles. Rather, they write about the smiles of the village children, the teamwork with fellow team members and local staff, as well as the fact that the donated house will provide improved quality of life for the beneficiary's family.

OHF's fortnightly surveys has indicated that there are at least 150 more families in need of a decent roof over their heads. Build the next one with us!

Join an Open Team or form your own house building team. Write to volunteer@ohf.org.sg.



Teresa came to Hope Trust Nepal one year ago as a tiny tot. She was brought to us because her mother was struck by a falling tree while collecting wood in a forest and died. She has no father or siblings who can care for her and was brought to Hope Trust Nepal by a neighbour.

From the love and care shown by her caregivers and big brothers and sisters at the children's home, she has grown to be a joyful child! We celebrate Teresa's baby steps and her many more milestones to come.

Sponsor Kim Cheada

Meet Kim Cheada, 11 years old and in Grade 4 this year. Abandoned by her father 10 years ago, she lives with her grandmother and 13-year-old brother Kim Chennlong. With their mother working in Phnom Penh, Chennlong bears the responsibility of supporting his family's day-to-day needs on his young shoulders.

Kim Chennlong may be past the eligible age to be in our Sponsor a Child programme, but you can sponsor his sister, Kim Cheada, at SG$50 per month to provide for her poor family.* Your giving will remove her brother from working in the field and increase his opportunity to attend school.


Training Job Skills for the Service Sector

We recently introduced new curriculums to the Training Job Skills for the Service Sector course - Office Administration, Entrepreneurship and Hospitality. The skills training programme undergoes recurrent assessment to ensure its relevance for Cambodia's employment landscape.

Recently, our computers have been breaking down a lot more frequently due to worn and overworked processors. Rather than having to repair the computers constantly, we hope to replace a classroom with better computers. We are raising funds for 40 second hand i5 computers, 4 projectors and 2 projector screens. Please click the button below to support our fundraiser on giving.sg!



A group of Hope Village children were baptised on 16th September. Some of the children, as well as an alumni, witnessed to the audience about God's goodness. It was a moving time of honouring the Lord by thanking Him for the grace evident in their lives, leading them to OHF and thus giving them the opportunity to gain education and a platform for an optimistic and brighter future.


There are some items in OHF's wish list for the children's home and community development team. We will be be grateful for your sponsorship or donation.

View our wish list!


*Should someone else choose to sponsor Kim Cheada before you respond, we will select another child for you from our sponsorship waiting list.


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