Democrat shenanigans EXPOSED

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Democrat lawmakers have been caught playing the Candy Crush video game, reading emails and Tweeting about racism during President Trump's State Of The Union address.  As Yahoo! and the Daily Mail report:

The Democrat congresswomen caught in these shenanigans include Democrat Brenda Lawrence of the Congressional Black Caucus, and Democrats Bonnie Watson Coleman and Joyce Beatty.

This underscores why we've been warning so strenuously about the consequences of letting Democrats retake control of Congress. 

These people have no interests in advancing the best hopes for our country.  They are angry, bitter members of the "Resistance" who want nothing more than to bring down the Trump/Pence administration and obstruct the efforts of GOP Members of Congress.

We must fight back and stop the Democrats' efforts to steal away control of Congress.  You can support our independent expenditure campaign to win this Special Election and Hold The House by making a contribution online - JUST CLICK HERE.

Our first battle in the 2018 Midterms is the Special Election for Congress in Pennsylvania.

As you know, Special Elections are all about turnout.  The defining measure about who will win this race between Republican Rick Saccone and Democrat Conor Lamb will be determined by which side turns out their voters.

That's why we here at the Conservative Campaign Committee will be launching ad campaigns, a Phone From Home program, social media campaigns and Get Out The Vote efforts to turn out as many conservative and Republican voters as possible.  We're going to use the same winning formula we used in Georgia, Montana, South Carolina and Utah.

It's time to start off 2018 with big election victory for Conservative Republicans and hand Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats one massively embarrassing defeat in the Pennsylvania Special Election.  You can support our independent expenditure campaign to Hold The House by making a contribution online - JUST CLICK HERE.

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