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We have the update on the critically important battle for U.S. Senate in Arizona - WATCH THE VIDEO BELOWThe election is just 2 weeks away - and we are on the ground here in Arizona working around the clock and we need your help!

You can support our independent expenditure campaign supporting Kelli Ward by making a contribution online - HERE.

Or if you prefer, you can volunteer from your own home to contact Republican voters by participating in our Phone From Home program.  Simply send an email to with your name and we will set you up!

We've dispatched conservative strike force teams to work in Arizona between now and the August 28th GOP Senate Primary to help Conservative Republican Kelli Ward secure the win in this important election.

You can support our efforts by making a contribution online - HERE.

Conservative Republican Kelli Ward has amassed an impressive list of conservative endorsements in this race:

* U.S. Senator Rand Paul

* Congressman Paul Gosar

* Conservative Campaign Committee

* Congressman Steve King

* Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

* Gun Owners of America

* Sean Hannity

* Laura Ingraham

* Mark Levin

* Dr. Sebastian Gorka

* Citizens for Trump

* National Association for Gun Rights

Below is a photo from our campaign efforts in support of Kelli Ward when she challenged John McCain for the primary election in 2016:

If you prefer, you can also mail in a contribution to our headquarters:

Conservative Campaign Committee

ATTN:  Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate

P.O. Box 278855

Sacramento, CA 95827

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P.O. Box 278855

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