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so yeah, it's been a minute hey?
​this past year we've only managed the odd festive special like christmas, CNY, valentine's etc. but the last legit "weekly special" was probably Oct 2016. IKRwtf?! call polis!
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anyhoo, we've decided to get back on the TGS Weekly Specials™ grind again. spurred on by Deliveroo's ​"Round the World Delicacies". and no, this is not a sponsored post for them lah haiyoh. it's more like a 'how to whip a Slug into action' confession.
the thought process was, since we're already creating these specials for Deliveroo, might as well make them available in-house, too, amirite. especially for all y'alls who might not be within our Deliveroo delivery radius. 
so kicking off this week 20-26 AUG, we bring you some TGS Japanese & Korean-inspired Lunch & Dinner Sets™. they are available in-house on our Specials menu, for takeout, island-wide delivery (yes, we got ownself liliver now), and on Deliveroo.

so now you know a little bit about what propels a Slug to action. what might spur you, dear reader? as any red-and-white-blooded (hurhur see what we did tharrr?) singaporean might say, "gOt diSkAuN aNot Har?" ... have lah, have lah. we've got one for you on every platform lah. dun say bojio lah ~

you know things about to get serious when the background goes dark


at The Garden Slug® here's a one-time $20 voucher* on us, redeemable when you dine in with a minimum $50 spend. click here to claim now. we are pet-friendly and have also launched a new dog food menu. so bring along your furkids to join in the family outing :) best to make a reservation if you're planning to visit over the weekend


TGS Self-Pickup imho the best days to order are Mon-Thu with discounts of up to 35%-50%
click here and then click on 'View Promotions' to see our sekret crazy daily promos. discount is automatically applied, no code needed

TGS Island-wide Delivery same offer as above

Deliveroo® get $4 off your first 3 orders** (for newbies only ok) use the code NEWTOROO18


fine print for ppl who like to read fine print:
* min. spend of $50 in a single bill to qualify. no combining / splitting of bills. valid within 30 days of claiming. valid for new non-membership walk-in TGS customers only
** valid for new Deliveroo customers only. credits valid for 31 days upon redemption. offer expires 31-DEC-2018
last but not least, we've got something for your non-furry kids, too!  TGS School Holiday Art Workshops 
it's a wholesome $25 $20 per workshop, with proceeds benefiting vulnerable children via art for good. accompanying parents & guardians get 10%# off your total food & beverage bill, should you decide to hang around for some eats and drinks while the children make art.
that's all folks! until next week!! maybe? who knows?? if we decide?? to keep up with these Weekly Specials??? 🤷🏽🤷🏽🤷🏽 bcoz sometimes Life™ just gets in the way, yaknowhatimean. either way, thank you for coming to our TED talk.
not stackable with other discounts and promos

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