Tea Masters Cup International 2018 is coming!

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Tea Masters Cup International is coming!

Only one day left for the main event for the world tea market – Tea Masters Cup International 2018 which will be held in Huế (Vietnam).

Sixteen countries with 30 best masters of the season on the scene: Australia, Belarus, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam, OAE, Sri Lanka, China. Three days of the best performances in Tea Preparations, Tea Pairing, Tea Mixology and Tea Tasting.

The current world championship will be already the 4th in the history and will be held with the support of such general sponsors as: The People Committee of Hue, Vietnam Tea Association and Dai Nam Imperial Medical Office. Supporting of the competition is provided by Vinatea Co. Ltd, Ha Thai Tea JSC, Bat Trang Hoang Long Ceramic Company.


History and Tea in Huế

Huế was the official capital of Vietnam until 1945. And forever became one of the cultural centers of the country.

A Vietnamese court tea ceremony originated and developed in Huế. A small tea table, set against the wall or carried out in the garden and set in accordance with the weather. A “tumbler-toy” kind of teapots and cups with weighted rounded bottom.

Aromatoc woods, flowers and herbs used in tea making and serving.

Vietnamese Tea in Brief

Vietnam is one of top 10 tea producing countries in the world. Annual tea production comprises 185,000 tons (2017), tea export volume is 145,000 tons (50% green and 50% black tea). Vietnamese tea are sold in 90 countries, leading buyers are Afghanistan, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Tea plantations area in Vietnam is around 130,000 ha. Vietnam produces all types of tea: from green to post-fermented, from commodity to specialty level, pure and flavored.


Program of the event includes a lot of activities and propose to Tea Masters and guests to enjoy the best Vietnamese teas and a rich culture of this beautiful country. Obviously, this event will leave an unforgettable impression, due to the fact that Huế stands on the Perfume River, in the heart of Vietnam, near the East Sea of the Pacific Ocean. All the guest of the championship will enjoy the city of Huế which was the capital of the Nguyễn dynasty lords and remains a concentration of architectural monuments, cultural traditions and artifacts — cuisine, martial arts, dances, music and songs.

  1. Gülhanım Delihasan (Turkey)
  2. Hakyung Lee (South Korea)
  3. Mary Jane Hua (Australia)
  4. Ricardo Brian Dekker (UAE)
  5. Linh Nguyen (Vietnam)
  6. Shili Chen (China)
  7. Viviana Petrovska (Latvia)
  8. Léonard Ploton (France)
  9. Polina Sagara (Russia)
  10. Anton Kvitka (Ukraine)

  1. Minhee Kang(South Korea)
  2. Jakub Ryšavy (Czech Republic)
  3. Panchali Mandakini (Sri Lanka)
  4. Nurken Akhanov (Kazakhstan)
  5. Linh Nguyen (Vietnam)
  6. Liang Xu (China)
  7. Viviana Petrovska (Latvia)
  8. Florian Aumaire (France)
  9. Ekaterina Sokolova (Russia)
  10. Elena Homich (Belarus)


  1. Luca Roatta (Italy)
  2. Clarkson Lew (Singapore)
  3. Yasarathna Bandara (Sri Lanka)
  4. Dai Nguyen (Vietnam)
  5. Mingaile Kola (Latvia)
  6. Natalia Prokhorenko (Russia)
  7. Evgeniy Rogov (Belarus)

  1. Nurken Akhanov (Kazakhstan)
  2. Xuan Tong (Vietnam)
  3. Elina Lotko (Latvia)
  4. Kyungrak Lee (South Korea)
  5. Nikolay Dolgiy (Russia)
  6. Yurii Zhyveha (Ukraine)


"Tea Masters Cup goals include both enhancing professionalism in the tea sphere and expanding the mind horizons of tea specialists. We hope that the experience which Tea Masters get in Vietnam will offer the strong enhance of their potential” – says the Chairman of TMC Ramaz Chanturiya.

The first International Judges Certification takes place for the first time in Vietnam, as a result of which there will be nominated the International Сertified Judges.




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