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Sabbath and Moon Mas 

Moon Mas : New Moon Celebrate Jan 6th

Solstices Sabbath: 4th and 5th


The UFK Web-site is being updated. The site had been closely associate with The Molina Center. Although UFK has not been associated with the Molina Center for several years, the Web-site was only returned to us a few months ago.

Take a look at the progress on the Universal Faithists of Kosmon Web-site.

UFK webpage



This past week I started setting aside time every day for working on the Archives. Two huge boxes arrived with large white binders and plastic sheet covers to protect paper we will be Archiving.

We began at once to get all the copies of the UFK Newsletters organized and...

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Our History

    We have written histories of the various Faithists groups in the United States and Great Britain, which are available upon request. One interesting thing about UFK is that it is unique among Faithist groups for several reasons. UFK was the outgrowth of a newsletter called Faithist Forum started in 1954 by Will Crosby of Prescott, Arizona. When Will's health....
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Quote For the Week 

As a Faithist in Kosmon, you do not go down on your knees and beg for help, but you stand up and you say, "Great Jehovih-Om, I claim Thy protection from all evil forces, both spiritual and physical." You claim your protection as a Faithist in Jehovih.

Sister Cora Bennet exserp from trance Address Fall 1989

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The question for this week is: What is the soul of a coporean?

The answer will be given next week.

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