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Kosmon Voice E NEWS 19. 02

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Sabbath and Moon Mas 

Moon Mas : First Quarter Celebrate Jan 14th

Solstices Sabbath: 11th and 12th


Plans are being made for our kitchen garden by a resident Certified  in Permacultur.  For years we have been composting, and have a good supply of aged compost ready. Produce is usually old by the time it reaches local markets, and we have come to depend on frozen fruit and vegetables, and so we  are looking forward to our own organically grown food.  There is no "Health Food " store closer than a 150  mile round trip, but we are able to buy organic staples such as flour, olive oil, nuts and soy products through a coop delivery that comes from Oregon. Special plans must be made to protect our garden from the local four footed inhabitants of our area, e.g. rabbits, and a variety of small rodents, as well as the local birds.    We will keep you posted on the progress of our garden. 



We are continuing the Archival work on KOSMON VOICE (KV). Many boxes of KV came to us from Colorado, and we are getting them in numerical order. Some of the issues are particularly rich in Faithist material, and these will be available to those of you who are interested. When we get all the issues in numerical order, you will be able to request material by topic e.g. Science, Vegetarian Diet, Faithist Groups of the Past, Meditation, and much more.

We continue to seek Archival material, old letters being the most helpful for they can fill in gaps in who did what...when and why. We are creating a section of the Archives devoted to photographs. Photographs of past conferences are wonderful, for we can match faces and names of those Faithists in the past. One of the oldest original photograph we have is the wedding photograph of Clare Lee and Franklin White who were residents of Levitica. Their great granddaughter sent us the original marriage license from May 19, 1898, with the signatures of all those living in Levitica and at Shalam at the time. Andrew Howland officiated. 

Our History

      Newbrough wrote about the different kinds of prayer. Some religions teach us to beg our Heavenly Father to do something for us or someone else. When Newbrough was in New Orleans gathering children for Shalam, he published a small newsletter in pamphlet style, THE CASTAWAY. We only have a few pages of one issue, and hope to be able to add more of THE CASTAWAY to our Archives, The pages we have contain Newbrough's thoughts on different kinds of prayer. 


There are distinct kinds of prayer. One may be termed begging for something either for ourselves or for others; another may be termed talking with out heavenly Father in thankfulness; there are Covenants that some prefer that are vows; and another includes promises made by the petitioner if the Heavenly Father.....

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Quote For the Week 

When I answered an ad in Fate magazine in June, 1976, little did I know what great beautiful changes would occur in my life because of this action. The ad was concerning Oahspe information and was inserted by the Kosmon Service Center of Utah. I had been a student of Oahspe since 1965, but I had never been able to contact any Faithists groups before, not knowing they existed until that eventful day in June.

Excerpt from: In Thanks to Faithists Everywhere!
Danny Lidford 1977


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Last Weeks Answer:

The question for this week is: What is the soul of a corporean?

The answer is :

Lika XXII, 15.....And man on earth shall turn to his own soul, which is my Light within him.

God's Book of Ben IV, 5.....The soul is es.


The question for Next Week is two parts:

What is “Haoma”?

Who will not get any?

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