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Sabbath and Moon Mas 

Moon Mas: Full Moon January 19th or 20th (Saturday or Sunday) and is a particularly interesting Full Moon as there will also be an eclipse, although not visible in the Americas. The first Full Moon after the Solstice at the Tropic of Capricorn in December is called the Wolf Moon. Research on the Internet indicates this name is so old no one knows the why and where of its origin. 

Solstices Sabbath: 18th and 19th



Those of you who regularly check the UFK Facebook and Web Site know that we are in touch with a group of Faithists in Portugal and South America. We also have just become aware of a group of Portuguese speaking Americans who have an internet site. Apparently there is a Portuguese translation of OAHSPE that is wide spread among Portuguese speaking areas, for the Portuguese speaking group in Appalachia advertise a Portuguese translation of OAHSPE. We have attempted to communicate with them, but so far there has been no response. Maybe we should try to communicate through Google translate, which is the way we communicate with those in Brazil. Will keep you updated.

Here in the Mojave it has been cold and cloudy with rain this week. The nearby mountain peaks are covered with snow, and are truly beautiful. Before there were many people living in this area it was called Indian Wells Valley. The Indian Wells are not far from our property in Inyokern, a brewery bought the property and uses the pure water from rain and snow to make their beer. We notice that after the rain our well water tastes even better.

The desert bloom of native flowering plants should be beautiful this year because of the rain. Last year the rain came at the wrong time for desert flowers. This year there should be beautiful colors filling the desert. Death Valley is nearby, and local people say that it is truly spectacular when there has been enough rain for the flowers to bloom.

With all of the rain, no outside work has been done this past week. There was a ramshackled building that had been here on the property for about 40 years, and because it had a cement foundation, and the corner posts had been set in cement, we decided to put new lumber on the sides, put in a door, maybe a window(s) and a new roof. The old rotten wood has been removed, but nothing further done because of the rain. This is an small old community of people who work hard and share. Joy has learned to check the local give-away listing on the internet, for often the old timers will give away things they don't need. Yesterday she picked up windows in frames which we will be able to use. This past month she has picked up bricks as well as cement blocks, and we were really happy about the rounded cement bricks we are using as the floor of the kiva. Sand is dribbled between the bricks for good drainage during our rainy season...and we are happy to say it is draining well as there is no water on the floor of the kiva.

This year we will be focusing on a kitchen garden. The summer of 2017 I was disgusted with the local produce and tried to grow a few things on our enclosed porch. The tomato plants growing in large pots in our aged compost were almost 7 feet tall, They were covered with blossoms and tomatoes. Then one day it was 112 degrees and the next day all the tomatoes were cooked. One thing that does seem to survive well here in the extremes of winter cold and summer heat is garlic. I tried a lot of various plants that the nursery said did well in the desert, and discovered that our local small four footed residents ate almost everything I was experimenting exception was garlic... which thrives and does not take a lot of water. The rosemary and lavender continue to thrive and are never eaten. Several years ago we had planted an olive tree and small rosemary plant in a hole fertilized with our aged compost. The rosemary is now about 5 feet tall and had crowded out the olive tree, or so we thought, for the rosemary seems to have taken over the entire hole where we had planted both. Recently we took a close look at the rosemary and discovered that growing taller than the huge rosemary plant, the olive tree has sent up new shoots to reach the sunlight. There in the midst of his huge rosemary plant the olive tree has survived and apparently is thriving. Will report on that olive tree in the future. We had planted another olive tree close to the house, and it does not seem to have grown as much as the one with the rosemary. But then, we did not plant it in our aged compost. 




This past week the work on the Archives has continued with the Index of articles in Kosmon Voice. A quick look at my notes indicates there are about 10 issues left to work with. We do not put every article in the Index, only those which contribute to understanding OAHSPE and being a Faithist. We received a new shipment of archival storage boxes that we will be using when we begin to work with the large amount of material we have from the Eloists. Several people have given us their collections of newsletters, photographs, and old letters in bequests, and we are looking forward to going through the boxes and getting these items in order and cataloged. It has been so rainy we have put containers of crystals to collect moisture in the building used for the Archives. Unfortunately, the many boxes of Kosmon Voice and Universal Faithists of Kosmon papers we brought from storage in Colorado had been kept in an area that was damp and there is some moisture damage. However, our usually dry climate will help get rid of the dampness, and most of the damp papers do not seem to be stained.

Our History

The English prepared a history of Faithism in England titled, “How It Began.” This pamphlet tells us that OAHSPE was sold in London, dates indicating that 1882 Editions were sold, as well as the 1891 Editions. In 1903 George Morley was caught in a sudden rainstorm and took shelter in a doorway in London. A Mr. Davies had taken shelter in the same doorway, and as they waited for the rain to stop they chatted, Davies said he was on his way to a meeting with some spiritualists to discuss OAHSPE. Davies invited Morley to come along to the meeting, and Morley, felt interested, and so decided to go. Thus, Morley was introduced to the group studying OAHSPE. This proved to be amomentous event, because soon it was discovered that Morley had marked spiritual gifts. He gradually manifested clairvoyance, clairvoyance and tranceThese gifts had been with him since boyhood, but of course were not understood by anyone at that time.

One evening, at the close of the meeting, a new voice, full of spiritual power, spoke addressing Morley as "brother". "Brother Morley," it said, "this circle is soon to end. It has completed its work, but you will remove to South London and there...


          `            ...start a Movement which will eventually spread over the whole world."


This was startling statement to Morley who could not grasp its implication; so beyond a momentary interest, it passed from his mind. Some months later, Morley had moved to South London, and it was here that he developed automatic and inspirational writing.

Davies could not let the matter rest, and he invited Morley to visit his home for further guidance on OAHSPE. Soon instruction wasgiven through Morley in trance, a request was made by spirit that Davies should go to the local Spiritualist Society and speak to five men, each of whom was described by the spirit guides, all the men unknown to Morley. At first Davies was reluctant to do this saying he had already approached these men, and they had shown no interest in OAHSPE.


"Go” said the Spirit, "and tell them we wish to speak to them; they will come."


Trusting in this guidance, Davies conveyed the message, and each man said they would attend. On hearing the 
angelic instruction, they agreed to unite i
Kosmon Service. Thus, on April 26, 1904, in the house of F.T.A. Davies in South London, the first Faithist Centre in Europe was formed, and here through Brother Morley, the preliminary teachings and a simple Rite weregiven. About the same time, the Community of Faithists had started meeting in the home of one of the members, and in late autumn word was given that the time to start public work had come. Although they felt ill equipped to undertake public meetings, and Brother Morley had never spoken in trance outside of their Faithist group, they decided to proceed as instructed. The first public meeting was August 21, 1904. There is a photograph someone took of a sign in a first floor window that read, “Faithist Meeting”. The room and entryway were packed with standing room only. Brother Morley spoke in trance, and then came his first public demonstration of clairvoyance. So great was the power brought by the ''unseen” that every request for information was answered with descriptions and answers that were accurate. The meetings continued on Sundays and Wednesdays and many who were enrolled continued as members until they passed on.

After WWII, the group was told to move out of London because of the trauma suffered by both the people and the earth from the bombings and V2 rockets. One of the members had bought property dating back before the time of Henry VIII, and offered the property for Faithists. The daughter of another member bought an adjoining piece of property with a small building that was converted into the Temple.
It was the custom for those who were Ordained in England to be told at their Ordination the work each would do for Kosmon. One member would go into the heavens and read the book where this information was recorded. Sister Cora Bennett was Ordained when she was 16, and was told that she would return the Light of Kosmon being carried by the Kosmon Church of England to Guatama (the angels' name for the Americas). She spent many years avoiding this prophecy. Finally, in the 1970s she began to miss her family who had all moved to the United States. They were located from Florida to California, and she decided if any of them asked her to stay she would buy property and settle nearby. Only one brother asked her to stay. He lived in Inyokern, and she bought undeveloped property and had a mobile home placed on it. We now understand this property is under Ya'tonts heavens, and within 20 miles is found thousands of rock carvings that anthropologists say are the oldest spiritual rock carvings on this continent. Aspiring Faithists convinced Sister Cora to offer lessons leading to Ordination. She contacted those in England who trained the Priesthood for the Temple there, and with their help she developed lessons that about 40 students of OAHSPE began. Twelve eventually finished the studies, and were Ordained over the next three years in Inyokern. While the training and Ordination was under the spiritual guidance of the angels of Kosmon Church of England, the angelic teachers made it clear that those being Ordained in Guatama were not to be clergy of Kosmon Church of England, but were to establish their own vibration for Guatama. Automatic writing, clairvoyance, clairvoyance and trance has developed among the clergy. After Sister Cora's passing, Gwen Walton completed the transfer of the Light that had been carried by England for about 100 years, by sharing much of the sacred information they received through the trance addresses. There have been two more Faithists Ordained since Sister Cora passed into spirit, all the clergy associated with Universal Faithists of Kosmon. Spiritual studies are offered to those who are interested. In addition studies toward Ordination are on-going with a Postulate Investiture held in Inyokern at the time of the recent Board Meeting in November. Another Investiture is tentatively planned for March, possibly at the Equinox.

Today the property Sister Cora gave to Universal Faithists of Kosmon is the home of the Archives and the new Retreat Center. Faithists are welcome and because space is limited at this time, reservations are necessary to stay at the Retreat. Preference is given to Postulates and Clergy; however, motels are available in the area.

Quote For the Week 

All the earth is Mine, and the waters, and the air above the earth. These are members of My Body and Person.”

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Last Weeks Answer:

Is in  two parts: What is “Haoma”?

Who will not get any?

The answer is found in : Book of Saphah, Basis of the Vede: Haoma is spiritual food.

As milk nurtureth the corporeal man, so haoma feedeth the spirit, I. ... Vow to Purify Myself. 48. Haoma, in the latter sacrament of ... vahista, Haome, Lord of Haoma rites...

Those who do not open themselves to the Creator cannot receive Haoma.


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