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Sabbath, Moon Mas and The Faithist Holidays

Sabbath Continues Every Friday 

MOON PHASES and SOLSTICE (minutes are rounded to nearest whole number)

First Quarter

June 10  1:50 AM Eastern 

June 10 12:50 AM Central

June 9   11:50 PM Mountain 

June 9   10:50 PM Pacific

Full Moon

June 17  4:30 AM Eastern

June 17  3:30 AM Central

June 17  2:30 AM Mountain

June 17  1;30 AM Pacific




The Faithist Holiday: Summer SOLSTICE & Solar Old Years Day

June 21 11:50 AM Eastern

June 21 10:50 AM Central

June 21   9:50 AM Mountain

June 21   8:50 AM Pacific

The Faithist Holiday:


JUNE 21st


Information on this holiday follows below


The Faithist Holiday: Solar New Years Day

June 22 11:50 AM Eastern

June 22 10:50 AM Central

June 22   9:50 AM Mountain

June 22   8:50 AM Pacific


Third Quarter

June 25 5:50 AM Eastern

June 25 4:50 AM Central

June 25 3:50 AM Mountain

June 25 2:50 AM Pacific


Dark of the Moon

July 2 3:20 PM Eastern

July 2 2:20 PM Central

July 2 1:20 PM Mountain

July 2 12:20 PM Pacific



Records tell us it that in Philadelphia it was a long hot summer in 1787, the summer of the Constitutional Convention. The writing of our Constitution was undertaken by a group of 55 men who were under the inspiration of the angels who worked for the establishment of this country. Only 12 states sent representatives, as Rhode Island did not wish to participate in an activity which they considered "outside influence in their affairs”. You may recall that Rhode Island was founded by Roger Williams when he was driven out of Massachusetts because he was calling for greater political and religious freedom.

George Washington chaired this convention of spiritually inspired men. Benjamin Franklin was a prominent member whose suggestions were based upon successful Indian organizations in the New World such as the Iroquois League.  James Madison became known as the "Father of the Constitution” because he wrote and spoke eloquently on many occasions urging the delegates to compromise their view points.

The discussions went on for days, as they worked through compromise after compromise between the various interest groups. One compromises brought about the two houses in the Congress: the House of Representatives made up of representation by actual population; and the Senate, where each state would be represented by 2 people. Today we realize the value of the two houses of Congress, but then it was a compromise solution to a problem.

Another basic principle of the Constitution developed through compromise was that States would have certain powers, and the central government would have certain powers. These powers were carefully defined in the Constitution; but, today this division of powers is still open to interpretation. Lawmaking approaches issues such as Civil Rights and Abortion from a view point of: Are these proposed laws States rights or the rights of the central government to decide?

An important compromise revolved around the Slave Trade.  In Philadelphia in 1787 it was decided that Slave Trade would be prohibited in the United States after January 1, 1809.

The Declaration of Independence was signed and is still celebrated on July 4, 1776. The Constitution was signed September 17, 1787, and it took just three months for the first ratification, by the State of Delaware.  Scarcely more than a year after the Convention convened, the Constitution became the law of the land with the ratification of it by the State of New Hampshire on June 21, 1788. New Hampshire was the 9th state to ratify. Rhode Island was the 13th state to ratify the Constitution, doing so in 1790.

Many states felt that the personal freedoms that had been fought for were not guaranteed, and so insisted that a section, now known as the Bill of Rights, be added before they would ratify the Constitution. James Madison proposed 12 Amendments to the Constitution for this purpose, and by December 15, 1791, 10 of them had been ratified to become the Bill of Rights. These 10 Amendments guaranteed among other things, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and freedom of religious expression. The two amendments which did not pass had to do with the House of Representatives: limiting the number of Representative, and provisions for salary of elected officials. These three freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights have been continually challenged over the years.  Even today we see that the guarantees of the Bill of Rights stand as the foundation of our country.

Our constitution has become the model for constitutional democracy all over the world. September 17th is celebrated as Constitution Day in the United States, the celebration of the day the Constitution was signed in Philadelphia. In OAHSPE we

are told to celebrate as a Sacred Day the date of the ratification of the Constitution, June 21st.  Perhaps we should consider celebrating both days.



  1. As Jehovih, through His God, bequeathed to the children of Guatama a government unfettered by the name of God or Lord or Savior, so Jehovih sanctified the day of the ratification and the signing and sealing of His compact (American Constitution), as the Day of the Holy Seal.
  2. And the sign thereof He made, A hand holding a quill.
  3. Which shall be the master's sign of salutation in the lodge on the day and evening commemorating the same.
  4. And Jehovih made the answer to the master's sign, The holding up (by the member of the lodge) of a piece of paper,signifying, Constitution.
  5. Therefore it was said: The master saluted on the sign, Day of the Holy Seal,and the lodge answered in the sign, Constitution.
  6. And Jehovih said: Remember this day, and keep it holy, to the end of the world, for hereat was the beginning of the liberty of man!

Book of Inspiration

Chapter XV

1882 Edition


 Peter and Dale went to the Center to help with clean up and to fill bags for the Kiva. 


Frank Morley of Kosman Church of England wrote a really interesting article about the fairy fae that was in KOSMON UNITY many years ago. 

In it he explained that the fae are Energy manifesting as the elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. As with any use of spiritual energy, if used for selfish purposes then you are inviting trouble. If you recognize and use this spiritual energy self-lessly there is no problem, only good can come. Morley said that we can think of fairy fae as  clouds, unaware, unthinking, just moving and being moved by the energy and emotions of people they encounter.

   The earth is living, a part of the Creator. 

   All energy is living, and is the Creator.

   Let us learn to respect and move gently upon the earth.

   Let us recognize the life of our planet… after all don’t we call our planet Mother-Earth? 

Our History

   From the History of the Kosmon Church of England: 

Around 1891, OAHSPE was first put on sale in England by Mr. Burns of Southempton Row, London,  a well known publisher of Spiritualist Literature, and shortly afterwards, a Mr. F. T. A. Davies was inspired to visit Mr. Burns and purchase a copy of this book. Mr. Davies, an ardent investigator and organizer in the Spiritualist Cause, was immediately impressed by OAHSPE, and fired with enthusiasm for the new revelation he formed groups among Spiritualists for its study. But only a few shared his enthusiasm, for many thought OAHSPE was too outspoken against the old forms and creeds, and many felt it to be before its time. Undaunted,  Mr. Davies at last met a then prominent Medium named Ronald Brailey. Together they formed a small inner circle for development and meditation, meeting at Mr. Brailey's house in Wallhamstow. It was in his sanctuary that the very first foundation for the Faithist movement in England was established.                    

           In 1903. George Morley was caught in a sudden rainstorm and took shelter in a doorway. Mr. Davies had taken shelter in the same doorway, and as they waited for the rain to stop they chatted, Davies said he was on his way to a  meeting with some spiritualists to discuss OAHSPE. Davies invited Morley to come along to the meeting, and Morley, felt interested, and so decided to go. Thus, Morley was introduced to the group studying OAHSPE.  This proved to be a momentous event, because soon it was discovered that Morley had  marked spiritual gifts. He gradually manifested clairvoyance, clairvoyance and trance. These gifts had been with him since boyhood, but of course were not understood by anyone then.

           One evening, at the close of the meeting, a new voice, full of spiritual power, spoke through Ronald Brailey addressing  Morley as "brother". "Brother Morley," it said,"this circle is soon to end. It has completed its work, but you will remove to South London and there start a Movement which will eventually spread over the whole world." This was a startling statement to Morley who could not grasp its implication, so beyond a momentary interest, it passed from his mind. Some months later, Morley had moved to Bexley Heath (South London), and it was here that he developed automatic and inspirational writing.

           Davies could not let the matter rest, and he invited Morley to visit his house in Brixton for further guidance on OAHSPE. Soon instruction 'was given through Morley in trance, a  request was made by spirit that Davies should go to the Brixton Spiritualist Society and speak to five men, each of whom was described by the spirit guides, all the men unknown to Morley. At first Davies was reluctant to do this saying he had already approached these men, and they had shown no interest in OAHSPE.


              "Go” said the Spirit, "and tell them we wish to speak to them; they will come."


Trusting in this guidance, Davies conveyed the message, and each man said they would attend. On hearing the angelic instruction, they agreed to unite in Kosmon Service. Thus, on April 26, 1904, in the house of  F.T.A. Davies at Hayter Road, Brixton, W8S formed the first Faithist Centre in Europe.


Quote For the Week 


The Cloud
I am the daughter of Earth and Water, 
And the nursling of the Sky; 
I pass through the pores of the ocean and shores; 
I change, but I cannot die. 
For after the rain when with never a stain 
The pavilion of Heaven is bare, 
And the winds and sunbeams with their convex gleams 
Build up the blue dome of air, 
I silently laugh at my own cenotaph, 
And out of the caverns of rain, 
Like a child from the womb, like a ghost from the tomb, 
I arise and unbuild it again. 


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