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2019 August #6 

Sabbath & moon mas 

Solstice Sabbaths counted on Friday.

In the July KV I inaccurately said that the Solstice Sabbaths was on Saturday. A big thank you to Jane Ross of Canada for bring this mistake to our attention.  



July 31   Dark of the Moon

August 7    First Quarter

August 15    Full Moon

August 23    Last Quarter



The Medicine Wheel construction is underway.  The Medicine Wheel is sometimes called the Sacred Hoop and has been used in many ways by generations of Native American tribes for health and healing with Father Sky, Mother Earth, and Spirit Tree are designated as well as the Four Directions. The Medicine Wheel symbolizes the cycles of life as well as being used for healing. This Sacred Symbol is represented in many way including a stone monument, a painting, or a three dimensional art work.  Years ago Erma Lee gave UFK a small hoop style Medicine Wheel with feathers and ribbons.  It hangs on the wall of the office.  Over the years the feathers and some of the ribbons have been lost, but the red ribbons are still vibrant as well as the three bundles that hang from the bottom of the hoop.  Our Medicine Wheel will be an actual physical construction on the land and will be aligned with the Four Directions. Last year when we had the Board Meeting, Glenn had set the center of the Medicine Wheel on an axis with the Moon Wheel and the Kiva.  We have planted greenery in three directions, using an established indigenous ‘tree’ for East.  Last year it had been warm, and it suddenly turned cold the day before the Board Meeting so we did not use the Moon Wheel.  This year we will be able to use the Medicine Wheel during the day, so the chill of evenings in the desert will not be a problem. Our ceremonial smudge will be made of our own organically grown sage.  We still do not have a roof on our Kiva, but the floor is in and we are pleased at how well it drained after the heavy rains we had last winter. Peter Hartgens and Dale Blome’ came from the Los Angeles area and worked filling bags of our sandy-clay soil to be used in construction of our wall and seating in the Kiva.

Our shaded gardening experiment for herbs and food is doing very well.  The unshaded potato plants were “cooked” in the sun, so our promising potato crop is gone.  We will need to develop shade for our garden.  Everything in the shade looks happy…even during the end of July our hottest time of year. Our small garden was put in late this year because of the date of the permaculture class.  The only problem we have among our established and new plants and trees is that Cora had planted Eucalyptus Trees.  One has survived, although it is good wind-break, we are considering taking it out because some of the new plantings do not like it.  Eucalyptus Trees take water from surrounding plants, and the lavender near the Eucalyptus as not as happy as lavender planted elsewhere. 

We still marvel that we had no damage from the earthquakes. It would seem the Golden Light we were told to press into the land was our protection. Please continue to send Golden Light to the property.  The quakes are centered under the nearby Naval Base that is still closed with nothing going on except repairs and guards on duty.  All other personnel and all the families have been moved to other Naval bases.  Our goodwill in the area is established because UFK authorized Joy to provide health and hygiene supplies and much needed plastic buckets to carry water to help recovery in Trona, a small town east of the Naval Base. Joy told those who oversee obtaining supplies for Trona that they should call her if there is further need of such supplies.  She only used part of the money UFK had designated to be spent. Trona has electricity now, but the last we heard their only water comes from county and state water trucks.

Love and light to all thous affected by the earthquakes.


I would like to thank everyone who brought donations to the office. A special thanks to Celeste Joy. Her church The Universal Faithists of Kosmon Church in Inyokern and many of their members in the US donated $1000 Thank you so much . Celeste and I went shopping this morning together and purchased the much needed items the Trona residents are requesting . Over the counter Medications, wipes, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, hygiene products, and some coloring kits for the kids to brighten their day

From the Archives 


In looking through old copies of the Kosmon Pioneer Bul­letin, publication of the Essenes of Kosmon, I chanced across the picture above accompanying this article. The picture was printed along with text entitled "Notes on the Adonai Light." I wrote about the article, and Erma Lee included it in her KOSMON VOICE COLLECTION of articles. Because of the recent discussion of symbols in Book of Saphah, it seems now is the time to take a look at this interesting Tree of Light.


After searching among the older members who had been at North Salt Lake, and/or Montrose it would seem this Adoni Section of the Tree of Life was among the materials discussed in the article THE OLD TRUNK.  The trunk was given to the Archives of the Essenes of Kosmon and contained the copper plates for Newbrough’s typewritten text of OAHSPE as well as the proof sheets for these plates. John Lant was the printer who prepared these printer’s plates and proof sheets, and Lant tells us that when halfway through Newbrough re-did OAHSPE destroying the proof sheets he had. Lant saved his copy of the proof sheets feeling they would be important in the future.  In the editing of OAHSPE that was done by S. Abrams and John Lockwood, several plates were left out of the final 1882 so-called First Edition, as the 1882 we have today was actually the second 1882 Edition printed.  A paper citing documentation of this editing is available upon request explaining that the existence of this First Edition has been confirmed in writing by two Faithists and discussed in KOSMON COMMUNITIES NEWSLETTER years ago.  Plates including the Centre Table and the Tree of Light are among plates that were not included in any edition.   The Essenes were given the trunk by members of the Faithist Brotherhood of Light that contained their papers as well as the OAHSPE materials from Lant. The angels re-gave the Centre Tablet in trance work in Kosmon Church in England in the 1950s, and we have it today as a photograph of a drawn picture in Red and Gold, as well as the written explanation of the symbols. The Centre Table was re-given because it was considered an import part of the studies.  The English Faithists were told that there were three Tablets to be studied deeply: HO’ED-HY’YI, ARABINIA-ANCIENT EGYPT, and the CENTRE TABLET.  When the angels realized that the Centre Tablet was not in OAHSPE they gave it again, this time in color. Gwen Walton found it among the Archives of Kosmon Church of England in 2017 and sent me this copy The Centre Tablet is a study in becoming a balanced person.  You note the two pillars with the Arch of the Nine Entities with the Creator as the Key Stone at the top.  When this was displayed, the Nine Entities were not shown because they were to be considered invisible.  Joy has put them in an Arch and to remind us that they were invisible she has given them a “see-through” appearance with the sky behind. 

The Centre Tablet

The Centre Tablet is a study in becoming a balanced person.  You note the two pillars with the Arch of the Nine Entities with the Creator as the Key Stone at the top.  When this was displayed, the Nine Entities were not show as they were to be considered invisible.  Joy has put them in an Arch and to remind us that they were invisible she has given them a “see-through” appearance with the sky behind. 

"Adonai or Adanay" in the Tree of Light refers to the work of the Lords, for Adonai is the name used in OAHSPE to designate the Lords. I would inter­pret that to mean this is a representation of the work of the Lords, expressing the "Light" of Jehovih as it manifested on our planet.

One thing which immedi­ately catches the eye is the time-line. Anything to do with a time- line in OAHSPE is helpful. This time-line, called "Years Ago,” and states that 8,900 years ago, was No. 1 on the Tree of Light. By examining the Tree, we find No.1 at the bottom of the tree on the left, "Zarathustrian.” . We know the Tree is a metaphor for the growth of the Light of the Creator through the Lords, and so from the foundation of the teachings of Zarathustra No. 1 we can move easily from event to event to the culmination in No. 15 “Faithism and Kosmonism Universal Religion”.

 After you have read through the "Tree" and the time-line, look at the numbers 2 and 3:

  2. KABBALISTIC PHILOSOPHY perhaps 5,900 or between 5,900 and 4,000 years ago. The dating of Kabbalistic Philosophy so early is very important today because of the speculation by some readers of OAHSPE that Newbrough inserted Masonic teachings into OAHSPE. Trance work tells us the three tablets mentioned above are the foundation of much spiritual work in OAHSPE  because the structure of the three tablets are in the Kabbilistic pattern of Three Columns; one thought of as Positive (Going Forth) and one thought of as Negative (Receptive), with the central Column leading directly to the Creator.  The Kabbilistic pattern is seen throughout the world with its ancient symbols that lead the spiritual study upward to understanding and realizing the Presence of the Creator. Jim Dennon when he looked at the patterns of symbols in Saphah did not recognize them as ancient Kabblistic teaching and mentioned that they were similar to Masonic teaching. It is well documented and easily researched in encyclopedias and on-line articles on the Mason that in 1717 the Masons came into being and borrowed ancient spiritual teachings and symbols for their use. The ancient three column pattern of Jewish Kabbilistic teaching was one thing that was adapted by the Masons.  This also applies to the symbols, yet they are perhaps more ancient than the pattern of the Kabbalah itself. To the right of the Tree of Light, toward the bottom is a list of the symbols used in all the branches of the Adoni Tree of Light, symbols given by the Lords.  Other groups borrowed these symbols: for example, the chalice is seen in Christianity, and the triangle, cross, sun and circle are seen all over Europe in ancient Rock carvings as old as 11,700 years.


All the information above on the Masons and Kabbalah is easily and quickly verified. The Masons in 1717 used symbols from Hebrew Kabbalistic study that had been used for thousands of years. Newbrough did not borrow Masonic teaching, the Masons borrowed ancient teachings found in the Kabbalah and ancient rock carvings in Europe.


It would seem this Tree of Light was drawn around 1850 in preparation for inclusion in OAHSPE.  I had always been con­fused about the different times des­ignated by "Arc of Kosmon," "Era of Kosmon". I wondered why OAHSPE did not explain it. After studying the Tree of Light I realized that given with OAHSPE this tablet holds the definitions of Arc and Era. The Tree tells us it was drawn one year after the Earth crossed into the Arc of Kosmon, and 66 years after the Earth en­tered the Kosmon Era. Therefore, according to this chart, the Era of Kosmon began 65 years before the Arc of Kosmon.  The dates calculated from a time called “NOW”.

But how to find when "NOW" is, according to this picture of the Adonai Section of the Tree of Light? Careful research revealed that while there is no firm date when the Chassidene Order was es­tablished it is sometimes said that it was formed "approximately" in 1750, placing “Now” around 1850.

Considerable information is in this Table drawn approximately in --- 1850

              1 year  ago Faithism Kosmonism Universal Religion No.15--- 1849  Arc aprox.

 60 years ago the Modern Order of Mystics is founded No.14 --- 1790 aprox.

             66 years ago we entered the Kosmon Era No.13 --- 1784 Era aprox

          100 years ago Chassidene Order No.12 approximately---1750


Superficial research indicates that the Chassidene Order is related to Judaism and uses the Kabbalah. The time of the formation of the Masons in 1717 in England  causes me to wonder if the Lords considered the Masons a Chassidene Order. More research is needed on the Chassidene Order.  


As Dennon often said, “…research for another day”.

The Masons borrowed teaching and symbolism given thousands of years before the Masons formed in 1717.  

Did Newbrough put Masonic symbolism in OAHSPE?  No.

The Masons borrowed many ancient symbols that had been used by many religions for thousands of years. Thus, some Faithist symbolism is seen today in the work of the Masons.

An important teaching of Faithism is Free Will, and thus Faithists have responsibility for their decisions. Free Will is something that students of OAHSPE have, but it is also something that students of OAHSPE need to grant to others. Faithists who disagree with the Book of Saphah have the Free Will to make their own spiritual choices; and Free Will should be extended to those Faithists who find meaning in the study of Saphah.

Quote for the month

I am to thy spirit, as is the sun to a ray of light. I am the Light that illuminateth thy soul.

 Book of Inspiration; I, verse 6

How Well Do You Know OAHSPE?

Book of Discipline; III, 28-31

 Who saith: Behold me, I am from the highest, most exalted sphere; or from a far-off star; or, I have visited the planets; or, Resurrection cometh by reincarnation;—or, Blessed art thou, for a host of ancient spirits attend thee--thou hast a great mission.

The answer will be found AT THE END.


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New York Faithist,  Richardson Exius is making extraordinary Sacred Name for home altars. They can be purchased for only $60. plus shipping. 


This one in the picture is pine wood with maple wood stain and poly-finish(gloss)
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Width = 11”
Thickness of the base (mini drawer) = 5 1/2”



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Peter Hartgens will be discussing North America, particularly the USA,  as to what is mentioned in Sethantes and Fragapatti and other places in OAHSPE on the ‘specialness’ for Kosmon. 

2nd Wednesday  ( August 8th)

Joan Greer will be discussing more  Vortexian Theory using an article posted online by Michael Harris as the basis of the Conversation. If you missed the copy Michael posted, please request one to read for your information prior to this Conversation.

3rd Wednesday ( August 15th)

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Two Tablets that had been edited out of OAHSPE are in this August KVE Newsletter.

One Tablet, the Centre Tablet, had been thought lost until Gwen Walton found a photograph of the Tablet re-given by the angels in the 1950s and found in 2017 in Kosmon Church of England Archives. This is the first public viewing of this Tablet. A Question and Answer discussion will be hosted by Joan Greer on these Tablets.


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Book of Discipline III, 32

… all of these are the utterances of the angels of the first resurrection. And though they may inspire great oratory and learned discourses, yet they are flatterers, and will surely lead thee into grief.

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