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Monday 10 October 2019

Leader and Founder, Peter Kellow, writes


Not enough of us have realised that those who truly control the world today are free of any sort of morality or conscience about the consequences of their actions. They are not like you or me or anyone you know.

The actions they are capable of are so monstrous and devoid of humanity that they do not relate in the slightest to the civilisation you know. To kill thousands and millions and destroy countries without any remorse or feeling is to go beyond any sense of humanity. And it is precisely because they have gone so far that the untold cruelty they produce does not affect them.

This is not the first time in history that this has happened, by a long way. The only difference today is the global sweep.

Few people today can believe in their hearts the official version of the 911 atrocity, in spite of the captured press and media, including the BBC, constantly affirming it in front of us. Even a cursory look at the evidence tells us it is a lie.

The resistance to seeing the lie is in the sheer horror of the truth and the sheer evil it lays bare, rather than in any lack of evidence. For the truth is that it is an evil, not in some fringe grouping, but at the very heart of our governments. The official version is not only official in the USA, where the event happened, but in all western nations.


Once you let this sink in, you begin to understand the sordid and monstrous truth about the world today. It takes, not a leap of faith, but a loss of faith, to see it and, once you have make the leap, the world can never be the same for you again. 911 was not the start but it was a huge milestone in the forward march of the globalised evil that has overtaken us. The fictitious narrative associated with 911 has been used to justify a catalogue of even greater devastation and death upon millions of undeserving victims in the 21st century world.

These we can call the “911 wars”. Our governments call it the “war on terror”, but the terror was essentially manufactured at home. What terror, that can be located abroad, such as the states of Saudi and Israel and the movements of al Qaeda and ISIS, all sprang from western initiatives. They are western creations and our British government was, and is, fully implicated.

It is unable to own up to its guilt. We are in desperate straits for, not only is the global evil still rampant and conditioning our lives from top to bottom, but very few of us can see it. How can this be?

The ideology of liberalism is the key player in obscuring the truth, for its simplistic, self-contradictory, message has permeated and taken deep root in our societies. Its effectiveness in steering the mass of people towards embracing the very people and factions that have produces 21st century horror makes it a prime target for those of us who want to fight to rediscover and re-establish civilisation, as an ideal and a fact of our lives.

The struggle must begin here, with an understanding of how the world we live in was created. Existing so-called opposition parties and movements are not opposition at all, as their narratives never radically step outside the mainstream liberal narrative. They thus remain dupes of the system with their delusory sense of revolt, in fact, bolstering the malign system we live under.

We need an existential change of heart and mind to begin to address the enormity of the evil we live under. Nothing else will do.


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