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Kew School of Dance Tuesday Mailout


Miss Julia

Miss Julia is leaving us at the end of term to go on maternity leave.  She has been with us for 9 years and we know you will join us in wishing her the very best.  We are intending to buy her a gift and if you would like to contribute, please transfer the amount to our bank via EFT with Miss Julia as the reference. If you prefer, you could drop off cash to Mrs H in Peel Street Reception.


Important dates

Term One: Saturday 1 Feb - Friday 27 March         

Labour Day Public Holiday - no classes

Monday 9 March

PEP Audition

Sunday 15 March

ATOD Gala Performance

Sunday 22 March

Open Week - Last week of term

Saturday 21 March - Friday 27 March

Kew Gardens Performance

Saturday 28 March

Assistant Dance Teacher Workshop

Saturday 28 March

Working Bee at Peel Street 

Sunday 29 March

School Holidays

Saturday 28 March - Monday 13 April

Term Two:  Tuesday 14 April - Friday 26 June        

ANZAC Day Public Holiday - no classes

Saturday 25 April

Assistant Dance Teacher Workshop 

Saturday 25 April (from 1 pm)

Ballet Mock Exams - Senior School

Monday 11 May - Sunday 17 May

Ballet Exams

Sunday 31 May

Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday - no classes

Monday 8 June

Jazz & Tap Mock Exams

Sunday 14 June

Jazz & Tap Exams

Sunday 21 June

Open Week

Saturday 20 - Friday 26 June

Assistant Dance Teacher Workshop

Friday 26 June

School Holidays

Saturday 27 June - Friday 10 July

Term Three:  Saturday 11 July - Saturday 19 September     

Awards Ceremony

Sunday 26 July

Junior Ballet & Contemporary Mock Exams

Sunday 9 August

Junior Ballet & Contemporary Exams

Sunday 16 August

Senior Concert Dress Rehearsal & Photos

Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 August

Theatre Dress Rehearsal - Senior Concert

Friday 11 September

Senior Concert

Saturday 12 September

Open Week

Monday 14 - Friday 18 September

School Holidays

Saturday 19 September - Friday 2 October

Term Four:  Saturday October 3 - Friday 4 December   

Melbourne Cup Day - no classes

Tuesday 3 November

Junior Concert Photo Day

Saturday 7 November

Junior Concert Studio Dress Rehearsal

Sunday 8 November

Junior Concert Theatre Dress Rehearsal

Saturday 21 November

Junior Concert

Sunday 22 November

Open Week

28 November - 4 December

Last Day of Classes 

Friday 4 December


PEP Auditions

Just a reminder that NO LATE ENTRIES will be accepted.  Make sure you book in plenty of time.  Applications close 9am 12 March


Why we have a uniform

Safety and comfort

School Identity and being part of a team

  • Wearing a uniform gives your child a sense of belonging and contributes to the ‘team’ atmosphere that we at Kew School of Dance value.  It ensures that the teacher can see correct body alignment and placement to ensure students’ technique is correct and safe. Uniform is an important part of the discipline of dance and helps put the students in the correct frame of mind.

Preparation for Class

We’d like to remind everyone to arrive before the start of class, not AT the time the class starts.  Parking and traffic are always bad here and you need to ensure you have enough time so that your child is ready to dance the minute the class begins. There are far too many instances of parents bringing children in more than 5 minutes late, then having to put shoes on or get changed.  This is disruptive to the other students and disrespectful to the teacher. It is also unsafe for the latecomer as s/he needs to warm up correctly at the start of the class. The students also need to go to the bathroom before class. In one class last week, there were 7 bathroom visits from 5 children - which means 2 students left their class for more than 5 minutes each time. 

Website and Email

Noticeboard - did you know you can find links to all mail outs and details of upcoming events on the website noticeboard?  https://www.kewschoolofdance.com/notice-board/

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If you don't open your Tuesday Mail Out email we will resend it to you seven days after we initially sent it.  


Recommended Practitioners - Medical and Physiotherapists


It’s important that all dancers, even recreational ones, seek advice and treatment from therapists experienced in working with dancers. This is our recommended list of local practitioners, who will work with Kew School of Dance teachers to ensure the best outcome for our students.


Insync Physiotherapy & Pilates

505 Riversdale Rd, Camberwell 

Phone 9813 2188


Anna Mamone Osteopath

Suite 106/89 High St, Kew

Phone 9853 3363


Spring Osteo Clinic

You need to book in to see Dr Georgia McDonald

2/486 Whitehorse Road

Surrey Hills Victoria 3127

03 9830 7044 | 03 9830 7055

Thanks for reading

Miss Alice

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