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What to do about the Coronavirus !



Our staff of doctors, nurses and health journalists comb the medical literature for important health information. We  curate the content to a down-to-earth page so that you can read the important facts quickly.


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A quick summary of basic PREPARATION, the lowdown on MASKS, latest guidance about PREVENTION and TESTING, and effective TACTICS to combat the virus.

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What you should have on hand for the duration.

Use mail order or curbside delivery to avoid contact.

1.Medical and Health supplies: Prescriptions, Pain and fever OTC supplies, anti-diarrheals, thermometer, Kleenex, toilet paper, menstruation supplies, hand sanitizer.

2.Maintenance Supplies: Detergent, soap, germicidal spray, cleanser.

3.Food: Dry Cereal, nuts,crackers, pasta, fruit bars, coffee, tea, rice, shelf-safe milk,cooking oil, broth,baby food, nut butters, pasta sauce.

4.Canned Goods: Fish, meat, veggies, fruit, beans.



CDC announcements: The current CDC announcement suggests that everyone should wear a mask in all out-of-home activities. Please note that in the past, officials had wanted to ensure that there were enough masks for health care professionals, so had downplayed consumer usage.

Current science: We now know that people with this virus may lack symptoms. Others who are pre-symptomatic can transmit the virus before they show signs of COVID-19. Wearing a mask  prevents  transmition of the virus to others. This may be a required directive in the near future.

What you should do: It is recommended that all should wear cloth face coverings, especially at public places like groceries and pharmacies. A suggested version of a mask you can make can be downloaded by clicking HERE.Your illustrated mask directions will be uploaded to your desktop via your browser. Close the browser window to return to this message.


Shelter at home: Avoid exposure. Many people at any place means greatly increased danger. Leave and come back at a safer time. You need to be able to stay at least six feet away from the nearest person.

This isolation technique is vital for the eventual defeat of the virus.

Wash your hands: Use soap or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 20 seconds is "happy birthday" sung twice through. If you haven't washed your hands lately, don't touch your face. The gateways for the virus are your nose, eyes and mouth.

Disinfect: Frequently touched surfaces and objects may harbor the virus. Suggested things you might forget are phones, doorknobs and cooking prep areas.

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Availability: Testing capacity has been limited, leading to long lines.

Local facilities are slowly being added and many facilities have little wait time as a result. Call your local health hotlines for available test locations and availability.

Home testing: Be wary when considering this alternative. This is a fertile area for scammers.

In development:  Several new tests have  been announced that return a result in as little as 5 minutes, and there are many in development. NOTE: When tested, ask what system is being used. The  BD SARS-CoV-2 Reagents for the BD Max System has shown about 3% of the results were false positives. If you test positive with this test, ask for a reconfirmation with an alternative test.


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Postpone: on-essential doctor visits, dental cleaning, annual eye exams should be deferred, especially for older patients

Home delivery: Many pharmacies and grocery chains now offer home and curbside deliveries. They often adjust prices to cover the cost of these services. Our staff suggests that these extra charges should be considered good "life insurance.

Finger substitutes: If you must go out, take a stylus pen (with a rubber tip) or a pencil with an eraser end. Elevator buttons and ATMs are touched by many each day. Use the stylus or eraser instead of your fingers to reduce your chance of exposure.


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