Winter Trail Series - Race One Information

Trail Monkey Winter Race Information


Winter Trail Series Race One - St Catherines

Thanks for signing up to the first race of the winter series on 26th January 2020 - heres some important information to assist you in the run up to the race and to let you know the arrangements for the race day. 

Key Event Times
Race number collection/registration - Open From 8am

Please arrive as early as possible - we have a lot of people to issue race numbers and T-Shirts, so we really need your help with this so we can get the race underway on time. 
Race Briefing – 8:45am

Race Start - 9:00am 

We are able to stage these events as a privilege and on the understanding that we “leave no trace”. We ask that any wrappers for gels, water bottles or snacks are either disposed of suitably or held on to until there is a bin available. Please be considerate to other people using the pathways – please give them right of way and say good morning to everyone to show what a lovely bunch us runners are.
Will be available near the race start at St Catherines. We would ask that runners park considerately and responsibly and where possible car share to minimise impact on other users of the car park. Parking is at the sole risk of the car owner and we are not responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles arising from using the public car parks. 

Event HQ
Will be at the start and finish point - St Catherines
The Course
The course will be marshalled and there will be course markings out to show the way. There are a few hazards on this course - slippery pathways, protruding rocks and roots and the pathways are very muddy - trail shoes are required for this race. If you do not have them you place yourself in danger of falling or injury, which of course we don't want. There are road sections in this particular race, so road sense is required. We will have marshals on the road sections so please listen to their directions. 

We will issue race numbers at race check-in and these must be worn on the front of your body and visible at all times, otherwise we will be unable to record your result. - please retain your race number for the entire series of winter trail races. Once you have finished race one, put them somewhere safe and ready to use for the next race you are participating in. 

I have put together a video description of the course here

Event results will be posted on our Facebook page within 48 hours of event end and will be emailed out to all competitors also. 
Event Contact Details
In the event of an emergency during the event, call 999 to get help. Once the emergency has been resolved please contact myself on the number below:
All entrants must make a note of this number and carry a phone on them during the race
Paul Burrows 07797 827383
Any further questions you may have can be directed to

See you next Sunday!  

Paul and the trail monkey team

Race Website Here

Recovery Golf Jersey - Race Sponsors.


Race Sponsors
A massive thanks to Recovery Golf Jersey for their sponsorship of the 2020 Winter Trail Series - you can find out more information about them here
What is Recovery Golf?

Recovery Golf aims to transform lives through participation in meaningful golfing activities tailored to individual needs and abilities.

We aim to promote the far-reaching benefits of sport and empower and support any individuals to overcome physical, emotional, social or psychological problems.  We offer inclusive, accessible and safe environments and provide support networks where applicable to encourage everyone to develop a love of the game while working through personal difficulties.

Who is it for?

We want to empower individuals and help them overcome a wide range of problems, be it physical or mental. Recovery Golf is here to offer a secure and inclusive environment to be comfortable and grow.

This includes but is not limited to...


Sometimes in life we can look back and pinpoint specific events or moments in which we knew life would never be the same. This may include bereavement, divorce, illness or injury for example.


There are times when we can all feel lonely or isolated. This can be for straightforward reasons like being away from home, losing friends and retirement or it can be more complex.


Golf is the perfect game for all and this includes those with disabilities. Modifications can be made to allow players with disabilities to play alongside other golfers both disabled or able-bodied.


This can refer to a wide range of conditions – Disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behaviour. We believe that golf can help to alleviate some key mental health issues through social interaction and physical activity.


The modern life has made a lot of things easier in many respects, information, automation, computerisation. But it can come at a cost. We believe golf can help with some of these problems including weight management and addiction.


Our Next Night Race is On Sale!!

Join us for the second running of this unique night time running event – this promises to be an amazing, unique experience. We have teamed up with Tony Pike from the Channel Islands Occupation Service and they have allowed us exclusive access to the Batterie Moltke tunnel complex, so we thought we would make a night run of it! The tunnel itself is approx 200m long in total, so we will be starting at Grosnez and making our way to the tunnel complex and heading underground through the tunnels built by the Germans during their occupation of Jersey in the Second World War, and then popping out the other side to finish the loop.

The race will be a 5km (approx) loop with a 5km or 10km race option. 

The course will be run at night so head-torches are mandatory, also suitable trail shoes due to the muddy trails, however we will be lighting the way with glow-sticks and strobes to add to the ambience and offer a truly unique night running experience. 

Entry for the race includes: Race number, water, light snacks and a cup of tea at the end. We will also be giving a commemorative race T shirt for each entrant.

Entries here


Marshals Needed!

For our races to happen we do need a bit of help with marshalling and the general running of each event. We do recognise however that your time is valuable so for 2019 we have decided that for every race marshalled this will entitle that person to then take part in one of our Winter or Autumn trail events for free. 

For some this might be a great way of coming to see what our races are about before committing to taking part in one. 

If you would like to marshal one of the races – please message me through this website or here and tell me the race you can marshal and your first and second choice of race you would like to run in return for marshalling. We will endeavour to give you your first choice of race to run, but due to number restrictions this may not always be possible. Please note that in general the races available to run in return for marshalling will only be the Winter or Autumn Series races. 

We also have a Facebook community page for Marshals here

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