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Highway Road Clean UP

Saturday March 7th, meet at the docks by the office at 8 am, all equipment (gloves, bags, grabbers, and vests) will be provided. Please assist us in doing our part to keep the community clean. If you would like to bring any of your own equipment you are more than welcome to.

Hand & Foot Tournament

                Join us Wednesday March, 18 2020 for our second annual Hand and Foot Tournament from 12:30 -4:30 pm in the clubhouse. Registration and Set-Up begin at 12:30 with game play beginning at 1pm. Games should wrap up around 4 pm then there will be clean up. Please bring cards if you have them. Let Sue (S-14) know if you are interested in participating this year.   

Sarong Tying

                June will be hosting another Sarong Tying class on Saturday March 21st at 1 pm in the clubhouse. You can come and refresh your knowledge of different tying styles or come and learn some new ones. The office has new sarongs available for purchase.

Speed Limit

                The Speed Limit in the Ranch is 5 mph. The speed limit on the Road outside the ranch is 25 mph and ends at a stop sign or dead ends at the gate. There is no need to gun it out of the gate to get to the STOP sign, all it does it ruin your tires and destroy the road here.


                Just a friendly reminder, when you have a guest staying at your place you must also be here on grounds.

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