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April 2021

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Youth News

Share The Love
Saturday, April 10
The youth will plant flowers to hand out to Villa Park residents in a drive-through event. If you'd like to donate flowers or are interested in helping with the event, please contact Judy Bruschuk.
The Soup-To-Go Fundraiser was a great success. Thank you to everyone who bought soup and made donations. And a special thanks to those who made soup: Judy Wardo, Gloria Marchewka, Marilyn Feltz, Jenny Swensen, Bonnie Dale, Shelly Bychowski and Jonathan Stahlke

LCC Disaster Response

There have already been multiple long-track and catastrophic tornadoes in Alabama and surrounding southern states.  These have caused major damage, loss of life, and multiple injuries to people. Strong storms and tornadoes are predicted to continue in many southern states until the early morning hours.

Illinois and Indiana will also begin to experience wind gusts from 40-65 mph during the night, depending on location. If you see or hear of damage in your area, please let Jim and Deb Long know so LCC Disaster Response can assess if necessary. There is a chain gang that works on downed trees/branches. And they help with house flooding. 
They also have training available in Wisconsin, but also available online.  The Longs took the training last Sept in Elburn. It is a great bunch of people to work with. If anyone at Trinity is interested in getting involved or forming a group, please contact the Longs or Marna Rundgren.

Moren Lempas Update

Moren is the young lady that we support monetarily and in prayer. The 13-year-old lives in Indonesia. See a letter from Moren below.

Pray for Moren's spiritual growth as she: 

  • Develops an understanding of confession and forgiveness 
  • Develops a personal devotional and prayer time


Donations Sought

TCNS is collecting new school supplies for their classroom. Items in need are thin dry erase makers, washable markers, crayons, glue sticks, water color paints and stickers of any kind. Please place items in the box in the Narthex.

Recorded Chapels on YouTube

Pastor Rogers and Mary Stathlke recorded chapels for Lent, Easter and Good Shepherd and they are available on Trinity Lutheran Church YouTube Channel. If you missed them. You can check them out here:

Sunday SChool

Based on responses to a parent survey, the date for re-opening Sunday School is uncertain and will not be opening until after Easter. Any parents may share their thoughts by contacting Heather Pavlovsky, Sunday School Director at

Covid vaccines

Anyone who is 65+ or with a qualifying medical concern and are struggling to schedule an appointment, contact Diane Bruschuk at 630-890-3806 and she will help you schedule an appointment.

Lenten Prayer Postcard Challenge

THANK YOU ALL!!  Sending a big thank you from all of us at Trinity for your efforts to send out the postcards for our Lenten  Prayer Challenge.  We are happy to report that every household received a postcard and a prayer. We are excited that we are praying for our Trinity Family, especially during this difficult time when we aren't together as much as we'd like.  Lent may be over, but don't forget to celebrate the Good News of Jesus and continue praying for your Trinity Family.  If you did not receive a postcard, please contact Margaret ASAP ( and confirm your contact information.

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