Soul Talk with Patty Malek - Wednesday, March 17th!

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Soul Talk with Patty Malek


Wednesday, March 17th - 2pm PDT, 5 PM EDT

This week we move through the Spring Equinox. As we transition out of the Pisces energy of completion of the past, we move into the new, fresh energy of Aries. We have the opportunity to dream our greatest dream and then put it into action.
~ The energies at play since the Winter Solstice including the New Moons in Aquarius and Pisces.
~ The healing qualities of the 22nd Gene Key and Divine Grace
~ How the 47th Gene Key is beautifully reflected through the Easter Story
~ Playing in the new energies
~ A bit of fun with the little people on St. Patrick's Day
~ I will be taking your questions related to these topics and Gene Key questions.
There's no charge to sign up. Hope to see you there!
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