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From Shambles to Shambala
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From Shambles to Shambala
Wednesday, January 22nd at Noon (Pacific)

S1E11: Indigo Millennial!
We are delighted to welcome Talia Antonopoulos who was awake and aware from a very young age, and experiencing full blown-synaesthesia, a condition where our normally "separate" senses cross over each other - for example, tasting colour or seeing sound.
We will discuss this and other forms of expanded awareness she developed growing up, and how these gifts have expanded into her adult life. She now has four children, 8 and under, the next generation of Awakeners!

We will also talk about the New Moon in Aquarius and the Chinese New Year of the Rat, a week of New Beginnings! 
Free to watch on January 22nd from Noon to Midnight PST
Awake TV

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