The Shocking Truth About Essay Writing Services

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The Shocking Truth About Essay Writing Services

Exactly a year has already passed since the moment I came to study at Georgian college in Canada. I am delighted with the college, its scale, teachers, numerous services and programs. This is a modern and well-equipped college, whose main campus is located in the small town of Barrie (approximately 40-60 minutes drive from Toronto). The program I am studying is taught in the Health Wellness (M building), which was built just a few years ago. I study Nursing and, like all students, I was given the first days with excitement. Before starting my main program, I decided to study for two summer months at the EAP 4 (English for Academic Purpose level 4) program, which includes lessons in listening, reading, speaking and writing. I am inclined to believe that these courses should become the first step for international students, since these two months have personally helped me to speak the language and get comfortable in college. Georgian College provides its students with a library equipped with modern computers. It is also equipped with printers and scanners, for the convenience of students. There is a bookstore in the main building of the Barrie campus, where you can purchase all the necessary textbooks, now they are introducing a textbook resale system so that students can buy and sell their textbooks cheaper. Also on campus there is a service where they will help you with writing an essay: they will correct mistakes and check the writing style. I never used this, but I know that there are also teachers who will help you in mathematics for free, the main thing is to sign up in advance. Last year, I was part of the official Georgian college dance team, something like a support group, but with a freer schedule. They have women's and men's teams in football, basketball, badminton, rugby, etc. Students also enjoy going to the college fitness center. A single semester ticket costs only about 30. When you need to eat, there are many options. There is a cafeteria on the second floor, with a huge amount of varied food. There are also two Tim Hortons on the campus, a cafe that turns into a bar in the evening, a restaurant (where culinary students and real chefs will help you), and in the evening you can stop by the bar. In their free time, numerous events are held in the bar on the ground floor.


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The Shocking Truth About Essay Writing Services


Speaking about studying in Canada, I want to mention Orientation day. The first day at college is always exciting, and so the college arranges this day every new semester. You can find on the college’s official website at what time and where you need to meet with the rest of the students in your program, and then your coordinator and all the teachers will tell you about the schedule, program, new semester, plans for the semester and all the necessary information. It is very important not to miss this day, then you will quickly learn how to navigate the buildings, you will know everything about your program, meet friends on the first day, and you won’t feel lost. The next day, lessons begin. All students have access to online services: Banner, Blackboard and Student Email the most necessary. Using these services, you can keep in touch with students and teachers, learn homework, and have access to materials on your subjects. As I mentioned earlier, the city of Barrie is quite close to Toronto, so the international center at the college organizes tourist tours to Toronto every week. These tours usually focus on shopping centers in Toronto, Toronto's main attractions, as well as Niagara Falls, a zoo, trips to Ottawa and simple entertainment (trips to the beach, volleyball and general picnics). In general, an international center will never let any international student feel lonely. As soon as you come to study at Georgian college, the first place every international student should look is at the International center. They will give you insurance, help with a visa, student and work permit and answer all your questions. All questions regarding payment or registration can be asked at the registration office on the ground floor of the main building. There is even a special section for international students, where you will be issued a student card, help with payment, registration for courses or changing the program, etc.


In Barry itself, I really like the fact that the air is completely different compared to big cities, there are a lot of parks, the central part of the city is amazingly beautiful. Simcoe Lake is very clean and large; its beaches are perhaps one of the most visited in Ontario. Here you have morning jogs by the lake, and walks, and swimming, and scooter rides, and rowing, and the main attractions of the city. With transport, too, everything is simple. You can buy a student pass and ride the bus as you like. Bus drivers have already taught me, because the city is small. Buses are comfortable and air-conditioned. Bicycles, Skateboards, Motorbikes

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