Well, here we are again...

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So Here We Are Again... 🙈


Hi folks

You know the drill. I'm gonna keep this one short. Here's a reminder of some of the help that's potentially available to your business.


Furlough Scheme


Nothing's changed here - there was some amendments in November, and the scheme was extended to April 2021. Please refer to our earlier email for a recap on the ins and outs of how it works:


The REALLY important point to note is the deadline is now just 14 days from payday. So if you're going to make a claim for December, you've only got a week left to do it... 😱


Self-Employed Income Support Scheme


Nothing's changed here either - phew!. If you meet the criteria, you can make a claim up to the 29th January 2021. But don't leave it til then - crack on and start the process now.

There's more information in this email



Local Premesis Grants


These are new - businesses which have been forced to close due to the lockdown. Before we go any further, I'm afraid to say the scheme is administered by your local council...so the whole process will be different depending on where you are in England.

And it's different again in Wales, Scotland and NI. Sorry!

In general, if you occupy premises on which you pay business rates, then you can apply for a one-off grant worth between £4,000 and £9,000.

The grant is per premises - so you can claim for each branch, if applicable.👍

However, if you aren't in rateable premises e.g. working from home, then you cannot claim.

If your business is still able to function with the premises closed (e.g. accountants) then you cannot claim this grant. Which seems reasonable.

If you are still trading but in a reduced capacity - for example, a restaurant now offering takeaway-only services, then you should still qualify, if you are "unable to provide the usual in-person customer service from your premises" (as per Gov.uk). 

Visit your local council's website ASAP so see if the application process is open yet.


Well, that was short and sweet, please let me know if you've any questions, after reading the relevant link on the SEISS/Furlough scheme above.

Until next time... 🤞




Peter and the Blue Penguin team. 💙 

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